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Marco Janck On Linkbuilding

Nov 25, 2011   //   by Jens Buch   //   SEOkomm  //  No Comments

Marco JanckMarco Janck from Sumago held the session with the title “Von Landminen, Lenkwaffen oder Problemen der modernen Linkführung”.

The (shall we say interesting) layout of the slides and the heading of this session was in warfare mode. That is not how Marco comes across at all. The session was very straight up and delivered from the heart. Marco gave a fair amount of advice on simple ways to make more of your links. When he asked how many in the room owns more than 10 domains, many hands went up – yet many own domains that just sit there an do nothing. Often these domains are rather old and if they would be used, they could generate good links.

More than just off-page SEO

Many people only focus on off-page SEO – links, links, link… “Where can I get links from?”. If you look at on-page items, there are many things that can be done. Especially in the internal linking structures. Are they making sense? If not, rework them.

Link prices generally range between 50 and 1500 EUR – that is when the bullshit radar should be switched on. Many people sell a lot of non-sense and it is up to you to realize what is good and what is not. Question the ‘link packages’ that people try and sell you.

There is also the very boring task of link management, it is important to keep and eye on the links you have worked for to get.

Networking with real people is key. It takes much time and effort to build and maintain your networks of people with whom you do SEO-related work.

All in all, this session was giving the message that if you want to do SEO, you need to use common sense and make sure your bullshit radar is on…one of these presentations that must be seen live, that you cannot just read the transcript from.

SEOkomm 2011 Pre-Event Post

Nov 24, 2011   //   by Jens Buch   //   Conferences  //  No Comments


Live-Blogging To You This Year

Together with Thomas Sickl and Bernhard Hochrainer, I will be doing the official live-blogging from the SEOkomm 2011. I have never attended this event, but the feedback from last year makes the conference seem very promising. Furthermore, there is a very good line-up of speakers with some pretty awesome topics (especially if you are active in the German-Speaking area). I will mainly be following ‘track 3‘.

Unfortunately, I will miss the party tonight (24-Nov) – The good thing about that, is that I will not be hung over and therefore able to provide you guys with better updates ;) . Feel free to hook me up on twitter and if you see me, feel free to have a quick chat. I really prefer to get interesting content with input from the crowd (after all the event is for you) – rather than just echoing the speakers. We decided that I write my posts in English, but I speak German, English, French and Danish – so don’t be shy. I look forward to the event and even more to meet some of you guys.

Below is a picture of me (one in conference mode and one in party mode) – I am sure there will be some of both tomorrow.

SEO Example from Real Life: How being on top of search engines can make you leader in your offline business

Dec 2, 2009   //   by Jens Buch   //   Real-Life Examples  //  1 Comment

As Luxair was playing crazy again with their prices, I decided to catch the train from Luxembourg to Frankfurt at 42€ rather than catching the Luxair flight at 330€. I will not get too much into that now… I will write a separate post on Luxair and their retarded pricing policies another time. Right now I want to share my hotel experience in the Frankfurt Airport area.

As all I need is a clean place to sleep before I catch my morning flight to San Francisco, I google’d ‘preiswert frankfurt airport hotel’. I google in German, as an English search will just give me the large portals and hotel chains that are either over priced or leaves me browsing hotel portals for ages. I find ‘Motel-One’ as the first organic result.


When clicking through, I get a nice clean website that tells me what I want to know and doesn’t over-inform me with all kinds of irrelevant crap. So perfect, this is what I need – I go ahead and reserve my room without entering information that is none of their business anyway (such as what flight I will be taking from the airport etc).


At the airport, a shuttle bus picks me up (free of charge) to take me to the hotel. It is a 10 minute drive that takes me to an ‘office village’ close to frankfurt airport. I can’t help but see lots (and I mean lots) of ‘to let’ banners on the office buildings in the area. Definitely not much activity going on here…The shuttle bus drops me off just outside the ‘Motel One’. Across the street is a similar hotel called ‘B&B Hotel’. Same size, same concept, same ‘49€ per night’ advertising outside. The only difference: all the lights are off on the floors of the B&B Hotel. In short – the hotel is empty. Motel One on the other hand has lights in the rooms on all 6 floors and there are people in the lobby. I enter with the feeling that I made a good choice…

Being the internet geek that I am, it is very important for me to have internet access. The friendly staff at reception informs me that there is free internet in the lobby, and at 12€ for 24 hours (or 4€ per individual hour) I can have wireless access in my room. I of course take the flat rate option. 12€ is a lot of money to access the internet for 24 hours, but compared to other European hotels, this is a fair price. When I go outside to smoke, I notice that there are many people in the lobby on their laptops benefiting from the free internet access there. Each of them are having a drink and some even a sandwich as well.

So now to the conclusion. In my eyes this experience is a very strong illustration of the power of good online marketing. We have a hotel in an area that expected lots of business from nearby office buildings. As the offices are all unoccupied, the hotels will not get any business from there. The B&B Hotel is suffering from this, while Motel One has invested in Search Engine Optimization that brings them business because they are on the first page of google results for good generic search phrases. It doesn’t stop here! Because Motel-One’s customers find the hotel via the internet, chances are quite high that these are people who spend their time online. The hotel understands this, and give people two options. Either have internet in your room and pay for it, or come to the lobby and use it for free. The hotel then banks on people buying drinks and/or food when they are using the internet in the lobby. So not only does Motel One have more customers than its competitor – they are also generating additional income by providing internet access and/or food & drinks. Great work Motel One – back to the drawing board B&B Hotel.
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