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Luxembourg related sites only please mister google

Dec 18, 2009   //   by Jens Buch   //   Real-Life Examples  //  1 Comment

Finding what you are looking for on the internet by using google is not always easy in small countries. Luxembourg is a good example. Let’s have a closer look.

>> Scenario: I am a french-speaker who lives in Luxembourg and I want to look at car insurance prices online <<

First Try: I go to google and search for ‘assurance voiture’ (car insurance in french). Only 2 of the first 10 google results are actually linking to sites that are suited for Luxembourg residents. All other results are made for the french market only. If we look closer at these two sites that are relevant for Luxembourg residents, we will see that they are both .lu web sites.

Second Try: I make the same search in google, but this time I add to my search criteria – this tells google to only look for sites that have the Luxembourg top level domain .lu. The search therefore looks like this: ‘assurance voiture’. Look at the results now – every result relates to Luxembourg and is suitable for Luxembourg residents that are looking for car insurance.
Note that it is not always the case that ‘’ will give you better results. You can also have .com .net etc sites that targets Luxembourg. When using, all other top level domains are ruled out by google as you ask google to only look for .lu sites. I hope that makes sense to you.

You will find that as your search criteria gets closer to something you can buy online, you will get more non-Luxembourg related results. This is because companies that sell online optimize their websites so that they are better indexed in google. This is also called ‘search engine optimization’ or ‘SEO’. As Luxembourg is such a small market, sites from larger neighboring countries can sometimes dominate the search results you get. So next time you get search results that don’t relate to Luxembourg, try to add You might find what you are looking for quicker.