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Luxemcall – A pretty creative scam

Dec 11, 2009   //   by Jens Buch   //   mobile  //  1 Comment

If you are on the luxgsm network in Luxembourg, you might also have received some strange SMS messages every now and then about making cheap international calls. Here is a screen print from my phone to show how the sms looks:

Suspicious as hell – let’s check it out by starting a visit to the website:

OK, I get the picture. Dial a premium number (900 number) in order to save money…that makes sense :P
Luxemcall sends the sms to your mobile from a Turkish number (+90 042 01 1). That very much looks like the number you need to dial from your Luxembougish telephone ‘900 43 015′. I have to give them points for that. I honestly think that is quite far-fetched and rather creative. Scams really impresses me sometimes.

Just before I finish, let’s look at the internet domain name that this runs on.
It is registered to:
Company: Finarea SA
Name: Dekker Monique
Address: Viale Carlo Cattaneo 1
City: Lugano
Postal Code: 6900
Phone: +41 919335412

Even that telephone number looks suspicious (without knowing it).

I did not spend too much time looking, but there are numerous similar style webpages registered with the same company.¬†This example here shows an iPhone app you download from their website and not from Apples’ iTunes Store (which is the only legit place to get apps for the iPhone):


I just wanted to share this one with you, because I think it is a creative scam.
Either way – if you fall for this scam, I hope you will be smarter next time.