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Numericable (Coditel) in Luxembourg – How something so little could change so much

Dec 7, 2009   //   by Jens Buch   //   Website-Usability  //  10 Comments

Every now and then, your internet service provider’s service goes down. It sucks, but it happens. Over the past couple of months this has been happening too much to Numericable (formerly known as Coditel) in Luxembourg. Usually, I just sit and wait until it comes back up and use my iPhone to access the internet on my computer. This time the damn thing was down for hours and hours, so I decided to call their support line. After choosing language and service from their phone menu, I finally get a voice (in a different language than I chose) that tells me the waiting time exceeds 10 minutes and that my call will be terminated. So I go to their internet site. The re-branding to ‘Numericale’ is rather recent, so I still refer to them as ‘Coditel’. I go to and see this:

coditel luxembourg website

The whole thing is build up to tell me that I live in Brussels, Belgum and that their service is available in my area. No guys…I live in Luxembourg – that is also why I went to .lu and not .be. Furthermore, I thought you re-branded to Numericale, so why am I not re-directed? So, I go to myself, and get this:

numericable luxembourg website

Again, the title is setup to target people in Brussels, Belgium. At least the content on the website is designed for the Luxembourg market. Anyhow, I wanted to know if they post anything about their internet service being down on their website, as I could not get to speak to anyone. So I go to the ‘accueil client’ section which means something along the line of ‘customer section’. Nothing either…so I go to the ‘contact us’ section. Then I get this:

contact-numericable in Luxembourg

Baam – a nice google maps error, because numericable is not able to integrate google maps properly.
As to be expected by now, there was no message on the website about their service being down.

Here is what I don’t understand about Numericable

  1. Why don’t they just transfer the visitors from over to
  2. Why don’t they adapt their .lu websites to target the Luxembourg market?
  3. If they don’t want to publish that their service is down on the internet, that is kind of understandable…after all their consumer customers are not able to access the internet and then read the message because it is down. But Jesus Christ – then have some voice on your phone system that confirms to the people calling that the internet is down (before they start messing around with their modems and computer settings) – it is not that rare that this is the case anymore.


Numericable is the major player in triple play (tv, phone and internet) in Luxembourg. Something as simple as this, should be a no-brainer. To me this is a complete and utter embarrassment.

The scary thing is that both sites, and, have an analytics tool (google analytics) installed. The reports that this tool generates, is able to perfectly outline the problem to Numericable…if only they would read/understand the reports. What we have here, is a perfect example of the 10/90 rule. The analytics tolls itself is only 10%, while using the tool to your benefit is 90%. I think it is fair to expect a business of this caliber to not make these school-boy errors. Please do your business a favor and check its website for mistakes like this. They are completely unnecessary and really harm the user experience – and thereby also you.

What you should do now

  1. Open a new browser window
  2. Go to your website by typing in the address manually without ‘www.’
  3. Now try typing in the address manually with ‘www.’
  4. Are both version doing what they should do?

If yes: Good – well done.
If no: You should get in touch with us and get the problem fixed.

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UPDATE 14-Dec-09:
Looks like Numericable Luxembourg fixed the redirection problem as well as the Brussels content targeting issue.