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iCloud + Dropbox Data Pollution

Mar 15, 2013   //   by Jens Buch   //   Green  //  No Comments

Smartphones Data PollutionThe picture from the crowd during the last two ‘new pope presentations’ (I really don’t know what else to call it) is showing up everywhere. Yes, it is pretty crazy how the people of the world have changed their behavior when attending public events like the one in question…music concerts and sporting events are very similar.
It really amazes me how so many people essentially take the same picture. The picture taken is no different than the picture the man/woman next to them is taking and eventhough the pictures taken by todays smartphones are very good, they will not be better than the pictures the professional photographer is taking at the same location. But that is not my point.

Try and do the math

Most apple iPhones and iPads are automatically uploading the pictures taken with them to iCloud. Same for Android phones and tablets – they upload pictures to dropbox. The image size of every picture stored in iCloud and Dropbox is around 2MB. The amount of storage space and bandwidth needed for this is just ridiculous…think of the energy needed to:

  1. Charge the smartphone so that the picture can even be taken (a smartphone needs charging every day, not like the old bricks we had that needed charging once a week).
  2. Power the antennas transmitting the image to iCloud, Dropbox etc.
  3. Power the data centers that store all the images

Just try and think about it – it is pretty sick. Interested in the topic? In 2011 I wrote an article on how google wants to send out a green image, yet release a web browser that requires loads of energy. Check it out here.

8 facebook marketing insights a marketer should have

Jan 27, 2010   //   by Jens Buch   //   Real-Life Examples  //  1 Comment

This post is rather long, so feel free to jump straight to the section that interests you

  1. Facebook users upload pictures – a lot of them
  2. Facebook users post more and more videos
  3. Facebook users don’t understand the privacy settings
  4. Facebook users spend time stalking – not only interacting
  5. Facebook users notice EVERYTHING about their friends
  6. Facebook users don’t comment on 3rd party sites, but do comment within facebook
  7. Facebook users via smart phones are the real addicts
  8. Facebook users keep a clean inbox

1. Facebook users upload pictures like mad

We all have digital cameras, and they are used more than ever before. Especially the girls use digital cameras when socializing. The digital camera makes out an essential part of the handbag content for many girls. Guys don’t use handbags, and don’t have a digital camera with them at all times, but remember that millions of facebook users carry a mobile phone with them that is capable of taking pictures.
Uploading pictures is dead easy and people can select which ones look good and which ones do not. That makes it good content to upload as the ‘not so good’ pictures can be deselected from the pictures that will be uploaded. Video on the other hand is more complicated. Chances that the video shot with the digital camera or mobile phone is ‘perfect’ tends to be very low unless it is being edited. Editing video is tedious and not everyone knows how to do it. For that reason, pictures continue to be the media of choice when people share ‘self-made’ content on facebook. Having said that, many facebook users prefer to watch videos, because it is easy – you don’t need to do anything except for watching and listening. That leads to the next point.

2. Facebook users post more and more videos on their wall

People are lazy and reading a 750 word article to its full is simply not something that your average facebook users does…it will take time and the reader needs to ‘make an effort’. With video, all you need to do is watch and listen…much easier. That is why we see more and more videos from sources such as youtube posted on facebook. Facebook realizes this and includes a screenshot, title and description of video links that stem from youtube, vimeo etc.

3. Facebook privacy

The majority of people on facebook do not understand the facebook privacy settings. Without being fully aware of it, people are sharing content with thousands and thousands of people they don’t know. This is great for stalking and great for facebook as you spend more time on the site…yeah it’s their butter and bread. As an advertiser, this is a great news as chances that facebook users will fall onto your content is higher.

4. Stalking on facebook

People might not always post and comment on much stuff, but they sure look at content. If you really want to find out stuff about other people (especially relationship targets) – facebook is where you want to be. Also, don’t forget that when people use facebook chat, they are online. Just try and see who is always online and then go to their profile and look at their activity – you’ll see what I mean.

5. Facebook friends’ engagement is being checked out

This point is very close to the last one. Think of a time when you meet someone on your night out and they say: ‘I saw that photo of you on facebook from XYZ’s birthday. Was it a good party?’ and bla bla bla. They saw it; they had interest; but they didn’t comment. I am sure this has happened to you before. So remember – no comments doesn’t mean people don’t see it and also doesn’t mean that people don’t care.

6. Comments on facebook posts

If you post a link to a blog post or a video, you are likely to see that people will not post their comments (if any) on the page of the content, but on facebook itself. People are tired of registering to comment (even though it often isn’t necessary, people still think it is) – they rather comment on the place they became aware of the content. Also, not everyone wants to share their comments with the entire internet – by commenting on facebook, they can stay in their comfort zone (remember that most facebook users don’t understand the privacy settings).

7. Facebook on smart phones

Facebook is available via smart phones. The users that access facebook via smartphones tend to be comparable with crack addicts. Note, that a smart phone is a great way to use facebook if it is blocked at the workplace. Finally, iphones can view youtube videos and not facebook videos – so if you post videos, it is a good idea to use youtube.

8. Clean facebook inbox

Only friends and groups can reach the facebook user’s inbox. Likelihood that the stuff in the inbox is of value to the user is high. People know this and read the stuff that gets to their inbox. Many marketers see this as very powerful and create profiles rather than fan pages. What they forget, is that profiles is limited to 5000 ‘friends’ and you have no reporting on the demographics (sex, geographical location etc). Furthermore, remember that you don’t want to spam people on facebook – it has no long term value. If you are not careful, you will be removed quicker than you know.


Facebook has 350 million users, so don’t generalize about what you just read. You might agree to some points and not to others. At the end of the day, only facebook themselves really know how users use their platform and I am not sure they will share that kind of information with us to the extend that we would like.

Just take the points I illustrated and think about them next time you try and target people on facebook with your marketing efforts.

So…this article breaks several things I said. It’s over 750 words long and it is text rather than video. If you read this, I think you might be the exception to the rule. I know that you are probably not an ‘average facebook user’, but more likely a marketer whose job is to gain knowledge around this subject, but I still dare to say that video will work better for a post of this size. As a result, I will post a video with the same content a month from now. I will then share the view numbers of this post and the video with you, and we can see what communication method worked the best. Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on twitter and/or subscribe to our rss feed below and you will be notified when we have the data.

Amazon’s iPhone app picture recognition analysis

Dec 4, 2009   //   by Jens Buch   //   mobile  //  3 Comments

I just had the pleasure of trying out Amazon’s new feature in their iPhone app. There is one feature of the app which really impressed me. Not because it is there, but because it works (and it works fast). It’s really simple – you launch the app, you take a picture of a product and amazon will send you back the link to that specific item in their store. Here is how I tested it and what happened:

amazon iphone app remembers example

  1. Take a picture of the product in question
  2. Submit the picture to amazon
  3. Get the reply with product recommendation
  4. Check out the product and buy it if you like

For those who forgot they asked amazon to find a product for them, and for those who prefer to buy producs on the computer rather than on their phone, amazon also sends you an email (to the account registered with your amazon account) with a link to the product:

amazon iphone app email product recommendation

What amazes me is the speed at which amazon’s picture recognition works. It took literally one minute from taking the picture to having the product recommendation. But the tuly amazing thing about this service, is that it actually works and recommends the real product. Remington has several trimmers that look the same. Yet, amazon still managed to pick out the right product for me. I am amazed.

There had to be a downside…and there is. Even though my amazon account is registered to my address in Luxembourg, Europe, I am still taken to the US amazon store. I really don’t see what the big deal is for amazon to guide me to my ‘home store’. By recommending me products from the US store, amazon will not make any sale to me (and other non-US residents) via their iPhone app.

The app is free from the itunes store – click here to get it.