Pay per click for targeted visitors to come to your site

What is ‘Pay Per Click’ (PPC)?

Pay per click consists of online ads (text, image or animation) on which web users can click to get to your site. The importance is that you only pay if a web user actually clicks on the ad. Famous PPC platforms are google adwords, yahoo search marketing and facebook.

In order to trigger the ad to be displayed, a context is chosen. This involves geographical positions, language – and on some networks like facebook, you can even choose the sex, age and marital status to name a few. The price per click is determined by three major factors:

  • The competition for the criteria that triggers the ad
  • The relevancy of your ad
  • The polularity of your ad (how many people click on it)

PPC’s real advantage is that you can define a budget. Once the budget has been spent, your ads will simply no longer appear. The allowed budgets start as low as a few euros or dollars per day, which makes it very affordable.

When running PPC campaigns, a lot of data becomes available that lets you better understand what ads are working best for you. That allows the ads to constantly get fine-tuned thus maximizing your ROI.

How can ‘Pay Per Click’ (PPC) benefit my business?

You can have a go at PPC even if you have limited cash resources available. As you can instantly measure the success of your ads, you can quickly increase or decrease your spending according to the response you get from the ads. Imagine you are thinking about launching a new product or service. With PPC, you can quickly test the market with a very limited budget. Imagine if you had to make traditional marketing for this – the costs would be significantly higher.

How does a ‘Pay Per Click’ (PPC) implementation work?

  1. Together we define what we want to trigger the ads (keywords, geographic locations etc)
  2. We create ads and landing pages that specifically targets an audience
  3. Define a budget to keep things affordable
  4. Put the ads online
  5. Analyse the data from the PPC network(s) to understand their performance
  6. Fine-tune ads to optimize your ROI

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