Give the visitors what they want – not what you think they want

What is Website Optimization?

So you managed to get people to visit your website through whichever channel. Well done. But are you sure that they want to click a text link, and not rather a picture link which stands out more? There is a vast number of questions like that. This is where website optimization comes into play. By using version testing, you can see what your visitors respond better to. Lets use the above example: you keep the page with the text link (version A) and create a copy of the page with a picture link (version B). A tool that runs in the background will evenly distribute visitors to version A and version B when they come to your website. After a while, the tool will tell you what version (A or B in this case) made most visitors do what you wanted them to do. With this information, you know what version to permanently show your visitors in order to benefit your business the most. You can version test just about everything; it depends on what is critical to make your visitors convert into customers.

How does Website Optimization benefit my business?

Like with all of our services, website optimization enables you to make decisions for your website based on facts rather than assumptions. As competition gets tougher and tougher, it is key to give the visitors what they want if you are to convert them into customers. If you give people what they want, they are of course more likely to make decisions in your favor.

How does a Website Optimization implementation work?

  1. We first collect data from your website visitors and how they interact with your site
  2. We then decide together what needs improvement, and put together multiple versions of what we believe will convert more visitors into customers.
  3. The versions are put online and data is collected
  4. We look at the data and see what works best in order to put the better performing version in place permanently

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