iPhone 4 is now available in Luxembourg – Luxgsm, Orange and Tango’s offers are analyzed and compared right here

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Written 3-Aug-2010

In my post prior to the iPhone 4 launch in Luxembourg, there were many active readers of this blog discussing and sharing information on the launch of the iPhone 4 in Luxembourg. Now it is here. All three providers (Luxgsm, Orange and Tango) started to sell the iPhone 4 on the 30th July 2010. Due to the large readership of the prior post, I have decided to also make a comparison of the iPhone packages by Luxgsm, Orange and Tango.

Luxgsm, Orange and Tango iPhone 4 Prices and Packages

All three providers have at least 3 kinds of subscriptions. In order to provide the best transparency, I have made direct comparisons of the ‘same level’ subscriptions. I simply name them small, medium and large packages.

Small Luxgsm, Orange and Tango Packages

iphone 4 (16 GB) 199 EUR 169 EUR 199 EUR
iphone 4 (32 GB) 299 EUR 279 EUR 259 EUR
subscription / month 35 EUR 30 EUR 35 EUR
duration 24 months 24 months 24 months
calls national 120 mins 100 mins 180 units (shared with sms)
calls international 0 mins 0 mins 75 mins
calls roaming 0 mins 0 mins 0 mins
sms 120 100 180 units (shared with national calls)
data national 2 GB 2 GB 2 GB
data roaming 0 0 0
internet tethering Yes No Yes
Sim-Locked No No No

Medium Luxgsm, Orange and Tango Packages

iphone 4 (16 GB) 99 EUR 49 EUR 59 EUR
iphone 4 (32 GB) 199 EUR 149 EUR 159 EUR
subscription / month 50 EUR 45 EUR 50 EUR
duration 24 months 24 months 24 months
calls national unlimited unlimited unlimited
calls international 0 mins 0 mins 150 mins
calls roaming 0 mins 0 mins 0 mins
sms unlimited unlimited unlimited
data national unlimited unlimited unlimited
data roaming 0 0 0
internet tethering Yes No Yes
Sim-Locked No No No

Large Luxgsm, Orange and Tango Packages

iphone 4 (16 GB) 0 EUR 49 EUR 19 EUR
iphone 4 (32 GB) 99 EUR 149 EUR 79 EUR
subscription / month 75 EUR 50 EUR 75 EUR
duration 12 months 24 months 24 months
calls national unlimited 100 mins unlimited
calls international 0 mins 300 mins 200 mins
calls roaming 0 mins 0 mins 80 mins
sms unlimited 100 unlimited
data national unlimited 2 GB unlimited
data roaming 0 0 10 MB
internet tethering Yes No Yes
Sim-Locked No No No

Which is the right package to choose?

This of course depends on your personal needs. Your best option is to take your itemized bill from the past months, and see how many calls you make within and outside of Luxembourg. Also look at how many sms you send and finally also check how much data you consume (in case you already have a smartphone). You will then get a better idea of what you need.
I still want to give you my opinion on things, so here we go:

iPhone 4 16GB or 32GB?

The price difference between the two models are roughly always 100EUR. If you look at the total sum you will be spending on owning an iPhone 4 (regardless of package chosen), 100 EUR is really not a lot of money. If you are honest to yourself, then you also know that your music, video and application collection is not exactly set to decrease in size – it is rather likely to increase. Remember, in theory you will have this phone for at least one or two years. In my eyes, it is therefore a no-brainer to get the iPhone 4 32GB.

iPhone 4 Data Packages

It can be rather tricky and confusing to choose the right data package. Over the past 18 months where I have been using the iPhone 3G, I have never managed to use over 500MB in a month. This is with 3 push-mail accounts, calendar and contacts synchronization as well as facebook push notifications. This is generally not very heavy data consummation, but I also view many youtube clips and I also use the iPhone as navigation device. This is the more data-hungry applications, and still – I don’t even get close to 1 GB data consumption.
In my eyes, the only thing that will really get your data consumption close to 2GB per month, is if you start using internet tethering (i.e. connecting your computer to the internet via your iPhone). I believe the number of people concerned here are very low.
Notice that the smallest data packages from every provider is set to 2GB per month. As a result, do not let the data consumption packages make the choice for you – you are very unlikely to reach the limit with any of the available data packages.

iPhone 4 National Call Packages

The medium and large packages all have unlimited national calls (except for tango’s large package). Therefore this section only concerns the small packages. I believe it is fair to say that most mobile phone users use their phone more than 100 minutes a month for national voice calls. If you choose one of the small packages, you should therefore expect additional call charges on your monthly bill.

iPhone 4 International Call Packages

skype for iphoneOnly Tango and Orange offer international calls as part of their packages. Orange as the only provider also includes international calls in their medium package. If you make numerous short international calls, this could be interesting for you. If you are more likely to make longer but less regular international calls, it is highly recommendable to use skype via your iphone. Since earlier 2010, skype’s application is also able to be used under 3G reception on your iPhone and not only wifi (as it was before). Skype’s international call charges can easily compete with any Luxembourgish mobile phone provider’s international call charges.

Other note-worthy iPhone 4 stuff

Orange offers 10MB roaming data transfer – 10MB is close to nothing. If you choose this package, make sure you ask Orange to notify you when the 10MB has been used, so you have the option to manually switch if off. If you are not careful here, you can very quickly get a nasty surprise on your bill at the end of the month.
Luxgsm has a package only for young people up to 25 years of age. If you qualify for this, it may be worth having a look at.

iPhone 4 without a contract

Unfortunately, none of the providers in Luxembourg sell the iPhone 4 without a contract. If you are looking for an iPhone 4 without a contract, you will need to order it from the French or British apple store. They are not simlocked, which makes it possible to use it in Luxembourg (or anywhere else for that matter). Note that local shipping addresses will be needed to place the order.

Antennagate – the ‘problem’ with the iPhone 4 antenna

antennagateJust after the launch of the iPhone 4 in Luxembourg, readers commented on my prior post with information concerning the antenna problem. Nobody saw any note-worthy change when touching the ‘sensitive’ spot on the iPhone 4 on Luxgsm, Orange or Tango. We therefore conclude that this problem does not seem to be anything serious for Luxembourg iPhone 4 users. Nevertheless, I recommend watching Steve Job’s video on how Apple handles the Antennagate problem. If you have purchased your iPhone 4 before September 30th 2010 – you can get a free case, by following this link.

Which provider is best for the iPhone 4 in Luxembourg?

Remember that the iPhone 4 is a very data-hungry smartphone if you compare it to other smartphones. If you are with a provider with a poor data network, you are not going to get the most out of your iPhone 4. I even go as far as saying that it can be very frustrating. Therefore, make sure that there is good data coverage in your area. I cannot tell you if it is good or bad in your area. This is where you simply just have to ask fellow consumers who have the device about their opinion or even make them get this app that can test the speed. If you test with this app, make sure that you are connected to 3G and/or Edge – not wifi. Do not ask the providers – they will not give you a neutral opinion. Generally speaking, all three providers have decent data coverage in Luxembourg City.


  • Getting the phone without the subscription linked to it, of course gives you a lot of freedom. Over time prepaid data subscriptions have become pretty interesting (more abroad than outside of lux). With prepaid, you are free to leave the provider whenever you like.
    Here Orange actually had a pretty nice plan. 500MB for 20EUR on prepaid. http://orange.lu/internet/internet-mobile/internet-everywhere-prepaid-data-card/index.html
    You can get the data cheaper from other providers, but they will bind you in a contract.
    I hope this helped.

  • hi all,

    I see it’s a very effective info exchange here.

    Anybody can advice me if you can get a good plan (and from which operator) if you FIRST get your iPhone 4 yourself and SECOND if you ask for plans afterwards?

    OR it’s a bad plan and all operators want you to buy the phone with them with a min duration plan?

    I have a friend in US now that can buy me one.
    I don’t know if it’s a good idea but must confirm if YES or NO by tomorrow….

    can you help me?


  • after 24 month can i unlocked my phone or what or should i put it in carbage ????

  • Tango has internet tethering too. And Tango was the biggest 3G network in Luxemburg.

  • I don’t know which I want to take. Luxgsm, Tango or Orange(unlimited)? Please help me

  • Has anyone had any problems sending MMS to international numbers with Orange? I can send MMS to Luxembourg numbers but not international. Any suggestions?

  • @ Pablo:

    Yes, you can! If you can prove that you have to leave the country for work, you can resiliate for that cause.

    Good luck!

  • Pablo: Sure worth a try, but I highly doubt it. My guess is that they will make you pay the remaining months. Good luck

  • Hi,

    Great post!
    I was wondering, if I have to leave to another country for job reasons. Is it possible to resiliate the contract before the 24 months?

    Thank you!

  • @bigpopa I totally agree with you on luxgsm. Their service has gone from being one of the best to now just being ridiculous (not only from a technical point of view but also from a customer service one).

    I canceled with luxgsm…I am thinking about writing a blog post about the entire experience, what do you guys all think?

  • I checked with Tango today and they told me it wasn’t possible to take the special tarrifs without purchasing the IPhone 4.

    I also currently have my subscription with Luxgsm and lately the service appears to be degrading with disconnects, line failures, no access to the 3G network.

    I was a bit concerned that coverage around the country may be a problem as I live well outside the Luxembourg city.

  • yeah great i got my 4! @ saturn they still have a few 32gb in stock and you can choose between tango, orange or no carrier…

  • still no 32gb here in benelux… a guy at Tango told me that i should try at Saturn cause they get the phones from france and may have them… and as Saturn has Tango that would be just great!

  • @vartaxe: Yeah it is a bit of a joke. I am not sure you can get it from the US store as you will need a US billing address. Since the end of last month, you can also get the iphone 4 sim free in Germany. It comes with a price tag – but it is possible. Either way, when you have it, you will be a happy person….trust me :)

  • still no news from tango for iphone 4 32gb… i called them tody again and they still don’t know when they are going to get it… i’m considering buying it from the US apple store as they have shipping in 24h… do you guys know if luxgsm or orange have them? should i wait or get it from elsewhere?

  • tango now has the 16gb in stock… but i’m still waiting for the 32gb version :( they told me maybe next month… maybe. i think apple should hire more chinese fabs lol. 30 september is over now i won’t get my free bumper… anyway it doesn’t matter the apple bumber is not very protector… and maybe even i get the 32gb version with the antenna issue resolved maybe a little internal hardware revision… iv’e heard people got iphones installed the apple case program and got the message that the iphone hadn’t the antenna issue and therefore wasn’t eligible for the free bumper program.

  • Orange customer service? Don’t even get me started. When they took over VOX, they started off by sending me a huge bill. Apparently they didn’t realize that the 35 euro monthly fee already includes my calls, so they made me pay for them twice. But when I called them, they fixed it, even sending me snail mail full of apologies. But when my friend had the same problem (he only noticed after several months), they told him that he was wrong and he must have made calls beyond the 180-minute point. When he said that he hadn’t, they hung up on him.

    I also subscribed to their ADSL Flat Solo package. But they never called me to fix an appointment for installing it. I called several times, getting promises of a callback. In the end, a helpdesk guy gave me his name, and assured me that from now on, he would be my single point of contact, and he would take care of everything. He would make sure immediately that I’d get an appointment, and he’d call me in a day.

    When that didn’t happen and I called him (specifically him) the next week, he didn’t remember the conversation.

    Turns out they had lost my contract. They asked me to fax over my copy.

    They gave me an appointment. I turned it down, as I was out of town that day. They showed up anyway.

    But it gets worse. As I wasn’t at home to let them in, they figured that they had the wrong address, and by some twisted logic, they blocked my outgoing calls and data access: as they had the wrong address, they could no longer send me any bills.

    I told them that (a) they had the right address, and (b) they weren’t sending me any bills anyway, as they were debiting my bank account anyway. So they said, “Sorry, it won’t happen again.”

    Guess who’s canceling the contract with them when the two years run out this December.

  • @vertaxe: I don’t jailbreak my iphones , so I am not sure I can help you with this. Sorry.
    @christ: If you take the size of the country into consideration, they all three have pretty poor coverage. Luxgsm used to be the best in terms of network quality, but they have gone worse and worse. The comments about tango here says quite a lot too (see andy006). I have friends on Orange, and they seem to be pretty happy with the performance of the network.
    About customer service…I am lost for words about luxgsm – it went so far, that I canceled my contract last week (a blog post about that will follow soon). I don’t know about tango and orange. Maybe you readers can help :)

  • Hi, I’m on Tango with my iPhone 4, and I have a problem. While I almost always have three or four bars, people I talk to complain of bad quality, loss of voice, or even a busy signal when they try to call me (and I’m not busy). A lot of the time, despite being on the network and having four or five bars, I have no data AT ALL, and sometimes I can’t even make calls, they fail. I can rarely get good data rates, it mostly reverts to GPRS. (Tango doesn’t seem to have EDGE: it’s either 3G or GPRS.)

    I switched from Orange because of their botched iPhone 4 launch and other problems, but I’m beginning to regret it if this problem persists.

    Does anyone else have similar experiences?

  • btw did anyone of you guys got any problem with mms or so after jailbreaking and or sim unlocking theyre iphone? ive read a few reports that it could happen :s

  • hey there!i will come in lux for work and would like to suggest me which company to choose to get my i phone with not concerning on the prices but on the coverage of these different networks and the help they provide to their customers.

  • hey there!i will come in lux for work and would like to suggest me which company to choose to get my i phone with.

  • we should make a forum for iphone users in luxembourg… like talking about must have apps and that kind of stuff…

  • @vartaxe, I confirm that Thethering with Tango works as “official iPhone option”, it’s active in Tango’s provider profile since September 2009. When I got my 3GS from them in August 2009, they told me that it would be active from September and it was. So I’m surprised that Jens got a different information…why would they activate it if it cannot be used? At least I can say it works quite well (used in a series of locations around the city); – I have also experienced their USB stick solution which works ok too (sometimes better when using a USB cable to place the stick near a window…). Of course it’s always a matter of network coverage. As far as I could see Tango is still the cheapest for mobile internet. e.g. Orange’s official iPad offer is 20€ for 5Gig subscription or 10€ for 300MB prepaid, while Tango offers the MicroSim with any of their normal mobile ADSL options e.g. 18,90 per month unlimited, down to their “all day” option at 1,50/day (when you really need it).

    The idea of using a data package with an iPhone bougth “elsewhere” was more for people that don’t want to be bound for 2 years. Still no idea whether that would work, though.

  • so does internet tethering work on tango? i mean using the oficial iphone option and not with any thirdparty app… but anyway even if it works theyre mobile dsl policy sucks… no voip allowed wtf!? no p2p, no streaming and worse don’t allow people to share theyre own paid internet connection that way they don’t even need to put the 30gb Fair Usage Policy :l
    btw luxgsm have options for “unlimited data”, “unlimited sms” and “unlimited mms” to assign to any package but they don’t say how much it does cost… i doubt it’s free -.-’
    i’m a happy tango user i have tango complet wich is consists of “20mb” adsl2+ unlimited (i’m connecting to arround 14mb – 16mb but still works great i don’t see any traffic shapping have great speeds it only lacks better pings to portugal the latency is a bit high when playing online 80ms) + phone unlimited to national phones + 5 mobiles unlimited to tango mobiles. i’m paying 18€ for the line wich is directly from tango don’t have to go trought p&t + 16€ internet and as my family all use tango just pay a few calls more…
    but now i would like to get a smartphone (my first one btw) but i don’t like theyre policy altough the packages prices are ok when looking to luxgsm and orange.
    i had a bad experience with orange it just sucks (old vox) i had bought the 3g modem and subscribed the 3g mobile data plan but it didn’t work good at all and theyre coverage just fails. so after having it for 2 weeks i took it back and got refund… btw i had to get mad to get the refund and the 24 months contract canceled. the guy was a jerk he didn’t wanted to get his shit back. i told him i want a refund or he gonna eat his modem! not exactly with those words but something more like “dude it don’t work correctly it works for 5mins and then it’s over…” he just argumented it’s not his fault that the coverage was bad and that the modem was working just fine he tested the modem in theyre own facility with a damn antenna just over the building -.-’ but maybe he was still surfing with wifi on his laptop lol. well just a moran. resuming orange fails and never again.
    btw i asked the guy at tango if i there was another package for already tango complet customers and he told me now for the iphone i have to subscribe to an iphone package… but i forgot to ask if it would still be possible to buy the iphone elsewhere and keep using my actual simcard and just add a data plan to it… but would it matter that much? a retail iphone is still atleast 600€ i think…

  • @Maarten/Jens,
    About buying an iPhone elsewhere and using it in LU: I’m not sure whether anyone would be obliged to get an iPhone subscription, would he? Why not get a normal subscription plus a mobile data plan, like e.g. @Tango: Tango Easy at 9,90 + 14,90 for the Mobile ADSL 2GB option (plus any other options you like), with just 12 months binding. Or is there a known tech. limitation that keeps you from doing that? Btw, did noone pass his “old” iPhone 3GS to his friend/partner to use it with his/her current SIM&subscription when he bought his iPhone 4…?

    Other topic: LUXGSM now has a nice and clear statement on their tariff page for iPhone of what it will cost you when you change iPhone before the end of your current subscription period: 10/15/20€ per remaining month. – That’s not (yet) the case for the other providers, unfortunately, but would be great for transparency and customer friendliness. (And yes I hope they read your blog… :-)

    Of course the iPhone subscriptions pay for the iPhone, so the two statements above are of course linked.

  • @john, orange had a small stock of iphones yesterday (only 16GB) in their shop grand rue in lux…you may ask them if it’s still the case

  • Hmm; quality of service has to be questioned!
    I “pre-ordered” an iPhone 4, 32 Gb, from LUXGSM on 17/07/10. On the release day sales of the iPhone were only available on a first-come-first-served basis to customers off the street. Those who had pre-ordered were told that their order was “guaranteed” and that they would receive a letter stating when and where they could collect their phone.
    Nearly a month later and LUXGSM are unable to give any further information!
    It seems pretty poor service to a long-term customer, who has always paid full price for new phones, to be treated as a second priority. I want to use mine as a business tool, but the only ones who have got one seem to be the “Clubbers”! :-(

  • Maarten: I would be very surprised if any of the providers have a ‘diplomatic clause’ in their contracts with their consumers. Maybe if you work for a business that has a large number of contracts would they consider it…but still very unlikely. I also highly doubt that any of the providers will give you a ‘cheaper’ subscription because you got the iPhone 4 elsewhere. I am saying all this without actually knowing it. Your best option, is to contact the providers and ask them yourself. Should you do so, please share the answers with us here :)
    To me it sounds like you are only staying in Luxembourg for a shorter period of time. If you are a ‘heavy user’ then maybe consider the large package from Luxgsm, there you are ‘only’ bound for 12 months.

  • Do you know if any of the 3 providers will put a ‘diplomatic clause’ into the 24 month contract, i.e. allowing for a way out if your work sends you out of the country?

    Alternately, if one buys the iPhone in FR or the UK, can you get a reduced rate on the plans since the carrier does not have to subsidize the hardware cost? (If you compare the cost of the phone against the €629 you pay without a contract in France, then they’re subsidizing €17-20/mo.)

  • @Speedy Thanks for your comment and valid points you share with us. Violette Montagnese who is communication manager at Tango gave me the information that internet tethering is not allowed on their network. If it is technically possible anyway, is a different story I guess. This is also linked to the VoIP issue you point out…technically possible, yet forbidden by the contract. If I get a statement from them on this matter, I will post it here.

  • Also consider there’s a 130€ difference in base price between the 30€ and 45€ options, for 2y subscription that’s 5,50 per month (or 4€ for the 2 other providers) that you can “deduce” from the “unlimited” subscription0s monthly price, which reduces the difference a slight bit.

    One more thing to point out: VOIP is forbidden in Tango’s conditions, so it’s not clear to me whether using Skype over 3G as you suggest would be ok, even if technically possible. Would be interesting if you can get a statement from them…

  • FYI, contrary to what you state in your rate comparison tables, Tango allows for Internet Tethering. I’m using it regularly since last October (that’s when they started), as per Mobile ADSL conditions, with “Unlimited fair usage (application of Fair Usage Policy = 30 GB per monthly billing cycle)”. Works fine through Bluetooth and USB sync cable. – If used, of course 2GB can be quite a limitation.

  • Damn, I had great hopes on Luxembourg for an unlocked iPhone 4…

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