iCloud + Dropbox Data Pollution

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Smartphones Data PollutionThe picture from the crowd during the last two ‘new pope presentations’ (I really don’t know what else to call it) is showing up everywhere. Yes, it is pretty crazy how the people of the world have changed their behavior when attending public events like the one in question…music concerts and sporting events are very similar.
It really amazes me how so many people essentially take the same picture. The picture taken is no different than the picture the man/woman next to them is taking and eventhough the pictures taken by todays smartphones are very good, they will not be better than the pictures the professional photographer is taking at the same location. But that is not my point.

Try and do the math

Most apple iPhones and iPads are automatically uploading the pictures taken with them to iCloud. Same for Android phones and tablets – they upload pictures to dropbox. The image size of every picture stored in iCloud and Dropbox is around 2MB. The amount of storage space and bandwidth needed for this is just ridiculous…think of the energy needed to:

  1. Charge the smartphone so that the picture can even be taken (a smartphone needs charging every day, not like the old bricks we had that needed charging once a week).
  2. Power the antennas transmitting the image to iCloud, Dropbox etc.
  3. Power the data centers that store all the images

Just try and think about it – it is pretty sick. Interested in the topic? In 2011 I wrote an article on how google wants to send out a green image, yet release a web browser that requires loads of energy. Check it out here.

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