GAUC 2012 Amsterdam. An Introduction Of Social Analytics In Google Analytics

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Justin Crutoni Google Analytics Social Integration At GAUC 2012 Amsterdam

Yesterday (20-Mar-2012) it was published on Techcrunch that there will be much deeper integration of social in google analytics. On 21-Mar and 22-Mar the google analytics user conference is taking place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For some reason the google analytics guys tend to like Amsterdam as the location for their events in Europe. Last time I attended a google anaytics conference was in 2009 around the same time as now. At the time, google decided to send a few of their own staff, but the course conductor was Justin Cutroni. At the time he was with EpikOne. As you may know, he joined google in early 2012 to work with their analytics product. The keynote of day 1 was also presented by him. It was about social integration and only social integration. The product has just been launched and will be rolled out in the next weeks to all GA accounts. There are some really really interesting aspects and features.

Social Network Data In Google Analytics

  1. Google has identified around 400 social networks, whose data they segment as social within google analytics
  2. Some social networks even partner with google analytics and send data straight to it (not facebook)

This all means that google analytics and its many reports now have several more reports that solely focus on social. You can see really cool things such as:

  1. Conversions where social was a touch point at some point prior to the conversion
  2. Conversions where social was the last touch point prior to the conversion

This is seriously cool s*** as it allows you to see how different social networks performs with regards to your conversions. As Justin pointed out nicely: social network 1 may give you very different traffic than social network 2. Makes perfect sense!

My Take On Social Integration In Google Analytics

I don’t believe that you can measure your ROI on social 100% (people still read your stuff without necessarily engaging with it – such as facebook newsfeed). BUT you can definitely use the new google analytics reports as an absolutely awesome indicator as to where people talk about you, where people engage with you and where people from which social networks converts with you. In an ever more competitive environment where social plays a constantly increasing role this is seriously valuable information. The best is that it is automatically in the Google Analytics reports which makes it awesome for people like me who take on new clients with existing GA accounts. The question just remains – will site owners continue to just focus on visitor numbers and not dig deeper? In a market like the one in Luxembourg, I fear so. Join us on Twitter Here to read more stuff from the conference and items on analytics in general. Follow @OMLU

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