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iCloud + Dropbox Data Pollution

Mar 15, 2013   //   by Jens Buch   //   Green  //  No Comments

Smartphones Data PollutionThe picture from the crowd during the last two ‘new pope presentations’ (I really don’t know what else to call it) is showing up everywhere. Yes, it is pretty crazy how the people of the world have changed their behavior when attending public events like the one in question…music concerts and sporting events are very similar.
It really amazes me how so many people essentially take the same picture. The picture taken is no different than the picture the man/woman next to them is taking and eventhough the pictures taken by todays smartphones are very good, they will not be better than the pictures the professional photographer is taking at the same location. But that is not my point.

Try and do the math

Most apple iPhones and iPads are automatically uploading the pictures taken with them to iCloud. Same for Android phones and tablets – they upload pictures to dropbox. The image size of every picture stored in iCloud and Dropbox is around 2MB. The amount of storage space and bandwidth needed for this is just ridiculous…think of the energy needed to:

  1. Charge the smartphone so that the picture can even be taken (a smartphone needs charging every day, not like the old bricks we had that needed charging once a week).
  2. Power the antennas transmitting the image to iCloud, Dropbox etc.
  3. Power the data centers that store all the images

Just try and think about it – it is pretty sick. Interested in the topic? In 2011 I wrote an article on how google wants to send out a green image, yet release a web browser that requires loads of energy. Check it out here.

iPhone 5 launches in Luxembourg on Luxgsm, Orange & Tango on September 28th

Sep 12, 2012   //   by Jens Buch   //   mobile  //  17 Comments

Update 28-Sep-2012 12:00:

  • Last but not least – here are the Luxgsm prices for the iPhone 5:
    Luxgsm iPhone 5 Prices

Update 28-Sep-2012 09:30:

  • Orange came out with their prices as well this morning. Find them below:

    Orange Luxembourg iPhone 5 Prices

Update 27-Sep-2012 10:45:

  • I received Tango’s prices for the iPhone 5 in Luxembourg from an anonymous source. The image file was located on but not linked to from anywhere, which is why it is credible and published here. Note that the iPhone 5 has increased in price from the iPhone 4S (see bottom of post). There is of course no gurantee that this is also the price Tango will release.
    Tango iPhone 5 Prices Luxembourg

Update 27-Sep-2012 10:26:

  • On Friday 28-Sep-2012 for the iPhone 5 launch, Orange will have the following opening times:
    - Orange Shop Luxembourg-city Grand-rue & Place d’Armes: 06:00 am
    - Saturn Esch Belval: 10:00 am
    - Saturn Luxembourg Gare: 09:30 am
    - All other Orange Shops: 08:00 am

Update 26-Sep-2012 17:20:

  • I had the pleasure to attend Orange Luxembourg’s 4G network launch event yesterday. It sure is very impressive data transfer speeds that can be achieved on these networks. Nevertheless, we will not know the ‘real deal’ before it is launched and many users start to use the network. Orange Luxembourg will launch their 4G network for the public on 29-Oct-2012. They will do so with small mobile hotspots (I forgot to take a picture of them, but they look similar to this). Orange’s management told me that they will cost around 150 EUR with a 39 EUR/Month contract lasting 12 or 24 months. Data transfer speeds of up to 50 mbit will be granted for the first 10GB volume. The speed will then be decreased to a transfer rate not yet known. The ones who are lucky enough to get their hands on an iPhone 5 from Orange from 28-Sep-2012 onwards (and no, they did not tell me how many they have in stock) will continue to use the 3G network. At some time mid 2013, the iPhone 5 customers who want to benefit from the 4G network will need to get a new sim card from an Orange Shop.
  • The other network operators are still very slow to get back to me with information that is good enough to share. Let’s hope it is because they are too busy unpacking iPhone 5s :) Stay tuned for more information.

Update 13-Sep-2012 15:20:

  • Orange Luxembourg’s marketing manager confirmed that they will launch the iPhone on 28-Sep-2012. They will not release anything about pricing at present. Orange’s network will be 3G+ (DC-HSDPA) – allowing max 42Mbits.
  • Luxgsm’s commercial director said that they do not have any information themselves concerning the iPhone 5. The same person promised me to let me know once they know more.

iPhone 5 Release DateWe all waited for it and now we finally know what the iPhone 5 has to offer – and more importantly…when.

Up until June 2012, Apple has managed to sell 400 million iOS devices (this includes iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch). Whenever a new iPhone was released the world has gone crazy about it and cannot wait to get their hands on it. In Luxembourg this is no different (see my post from the iPhone 4 release). Apple is clearly dominating the smartphone market here. Old, young, male or female – it doesn’t matter. Here are the details of the new iPhone 5:

iPhone 5 – thinner, lighter, bigger & faster

New physical design of the device

iPhone 5 Close UpIt is fair to say that the iPhone 4 was a very big change compared to the iPhone 3G. The entire device was pretty much re-designed. The differences from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 are not as significant. Apple has made the iphone 5 thinner (7.6mm) and 20% lighter (112 grams). Furthermore, the iPhone 5 requires a nano sim card which is even smaller than the micro sim cards currently used in iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.
The screen is 4 inches big. It’s the same width while being taller, thus allowing for another row of app icons to show on the screen (and of course the apps themselves have more space to work with).

Speed: hardware & network

iphone 5 europe rollout mapMore importantly, the device is set to be faster because of the new A6 CPU which promises a faster experience such as 2x faster graphics, app launches and photo saving procedures. Another aspect that will make the iPhone faster, is the ability to use 4G networks such as LTE. In the case for Luxembourg, this is very important as it is not sure which 4G network standard Luxgsm, Orange and Tango will launch with (Orange has an event on 25-Sep-2012 where they will announce it). If the network standard is not supported by the iPhone 5, the high data speeds of up to 100 mbit per second downlink, cannot be delivered. With network speeds like that, the iPhone 5 will be able to transfer data as fast as the quickest consumer fiber connections such as LuxFibre100 from p&t. Stay tuned on this blog for updates concerning this point.

Battery, camera & new connector on the iPhone 5

Finally a better battery life?

iPhone 5 Battery LifeApple did not go into detail on the battery when presenting the iPhone 5. They only promised that it will last longer than on the iPhone 4S. As the data connections get stronger, chances are that the apps will also communicate more and thereby using more battery. For many this is a very important factor as they cannot go a full day without having to recharge at some point. Again, stay tuned here for more information. It is a vital factor and I will be keeping a very close eye on reports concerning the battery life of the iPhone 5.

New camera features. Not a new camera

The iPhone 5 has an 8 megapixel camera just like the iPhone 4S. Because of the faster processor the iPhone 5 will be able to work the pictures faster, but it pretty much ends there. One feature they are able to pull out from this are 3264×2448 pixel panorama pictures that are native in the camera application. The front facing camera has been moved to the top middle of the phone and is capable of 720p HD video capture (unlike the camera on the iPhone 4S).

A new connector = adapter needed for current accessories

iPhone 5 lightningApple has decided to introduce a new connector. This is the part of the iPhone which is needed to charge it and connect it to many accessories. Apple mentioned that they no longer require the connector to be as performant, because features such as syncing is now done wirelessly. The new connector is called ‘Lightning’ and will be shipped with every iPhone 5. Adapters will become available, so that the iPhone 5 can still be used with accessories designed for prior iPhone models. Many people would have liked to see Apple introduce Micro USB connectors as it would adapt to a more standardized approach, but it was not to be.

iOS 6 – the new operating system

Heavy integration of other data sources

Yelp iOS 6 integrationAs online marketers, we pay very close attention to the sources from which data is pulled. With iOS 6, Apple is intergrating data sources like never seen before. After scrapping google maps, Apple now use their own mapping service. During the introduction of the iPhone 5, Apple used Yelp (the review site of brick-and-mortar businesses) and Rotten Tomatoes (the movie review site) as examples. Furthermore, app launches from sources such as Siri was introduced. Open Table can now be launched from Siri in order to book a table at a restaurant. This obviously poses huge opportunity for businesses which we will continue to cover as iOS 6 is rolled out to the public…so stay tuned.

Facebook & Passbook

As expected, facebook has been integrated in the same way which Twitter was introduced in iOS 5. This means that you are now able to share from Apple’s (and many other publisher’s) apps. This includes sharing websites, places, contacts etc via facebook – just remember to think about what you share to all your facebook friends before actually doing it. Privacy is a huge matter – really!

iOS 6 also sees the introduction of Passbook. This is a central place to keep your flight, train, hotel etc reservations, so that you have less paper and/or email confirmations to deal with. You can be very sure that the stakeholders will introduce this very quickly as it saves them money and allows them to show that they are a fast adapting company.

iPhone 5 Price in Luxembourg

The iPhone 5 was said to have the same price as the iPhone 4S had in the beginning of September 2012. This is the one thing I will pay closest attention to (and emails have gone out to luxgsm, orange and tango like when the iPhone 4 was introduced). Stay tuned to this article in order to know as soon as the pricing is made official. In the meanwhile, judging by what Tim Cook of Apple said today during the announcement, prices in Luxembourg are very likely to be as following:


luxgsm iPhone prices


orange iphone prices


tango iphone prices

One more thing…

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  2. If you have a question or require some addition information, please comment in the section further down and we will get the conversation started.

GAUC 2012 Amsterdam. An Introduction Of Social Analytics In Google Analytics

Mar 21, 2012   //   by Jens Buch   //   GAUC2012  //  1 Comment

Justin Crutoni Google Analytics Social Integration At GAUC 2012 Amsterdam

Yesterday (20-Mar-2012) it was published on Techcrunch that there will be much deeper integration of social in google analytics. On 21-Mar and 22-Mar the google analytics user conference is taking place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For some reason the google analytics guys tend to like Amsterdam as the location for their events in Europe. Last time I attended a google anaytics conference was in 2009 around the same time as now. At the time, google decided to send a few of their own staff, but the course conductor was Justin Cutroni. At the time he was with EpikOne. As you may know, he joined google in early 2012 to work with their analytics product. The keynote of day 1 was also presented by him. It was about social integration and only social integration. The product has just been launched and will be rolled out in the next weeks to all GA accounts. There are some really really interesting aspects and features.

Social Network Data In Google Analytics

  1. Google has identified around 400 social networks, whose data they segment as social within google analytics
  2. Some social networks even partner with google analytics and send data straight to it (not facebook)

This all means that google analytics and its many reports now have several more reports that solely focus on social. You can see really cool things such as:

  1. Conversions where social was a touch point at some point prior to the conversion
  2. Conversions where social was the last touch point prior to the conversion

This is seriously cool s*** as it allows you to see how different social networks performs with regards to your conversions. As Justin pointed out nicely: social network 1 may give you very different traffic than social network 2. Makes perfect sense!

My Take On Social Integration In Google Analytics

I don’t believe that you can measure your ROI on social 100% (people still read your stuff without necessarily engaging with it – such as facebook newsfeed). BUT you can definitely use the new google analytics reports as an absolutely awesome indicator as to where people talk about you, where people engage with you and where people from which social networks converts with you. In an ever more competitive environment where social plays a constantly increasing role this is seriously valuable information. The best is that it is automatically in the Google Analytics reports which makes it awesome for people like me who take on new clients with existing GA accounts. The question just remains – will site owners continue to just focus on visitor numbers and not dig deeper? In a market like the one in Luxembourg, I fear so. Join us on Twitter Here to read more stuff from the conference and items on analytics in general. Follow @OMLU

Marco Janck On Linkbuilding

Nov 25, 2011   //   by Jens Buch   //   SEOkomm  //  No Comments

Marco JanckMarco Janck from Sumago held the session with the title “Von Landminen, Lenkwaffen oder Problemen der modernen Linkführung”.

The (shall we say interesting) layout of the slides and the heading of this session was in warfare mode. That is not how Marco comes across at all. The session was very straight up and delivered from the heart. Marco gave a fair amount of advice on simple ways to make more of your links. When he asked how many in the room owns more than 10 domains, many hands went up – yet many own domains that just sit there an do nothing. Often these domains are rather old and if they would be used, they could generate good links.

More than just off-page SEO

Many people only focus on off-page SEO – links, links, link… “Where can I get links from?”. If you look at on-page items, there are many things that can be done. Especially in the internal linking structures. Are they making sense? If not, rework them.

Link prices generally range between 50 and 1500 EUR – that is when the bullshit radar should be switched on. Many people sell a lot of non-sense and it is up to you to realize what is good and what is not. Question the ‘link packages’ that people try and sell you.

There is also the very boring task of link management, it is important to keep and eye on the links you have worked for to get.

Networking with real people is key. It takes much time and effort to build and maintain your networks of people with whom you do SEO-related work.

All in all, this session was giving the message that if you want to do SEO, you need to use common sense and make sure your bullshit radar is on…one of these presentations that must be seen live, that you cannot just read the transcript from.

Case Study:

Nov 25, 2011   //   by Jens Buch   //   SEOkomm  //  No Comments LogoKlaus Hofbauer is head of SEO at He talked about how the site increased their traffic by 200% over the last year (with 120% of them being from SEO).

Before we get staeted, let’s just look at some numbers related to

  • 450k visitors per month
  • 8200 jobs
  • 1400 clients
  • 36k CVs

The site uses paid traffic generation from sources such as PPC, Job-Aggregators, TV, Radio, Offline Display Networks and Other Partner Networks. The unpaid traffic sources are SEO and Email Job-Alerts (which is heavily promoted via a pop-up when visiting the site.

Unpaid traffic makes out 55% of the site’s traffic which is also why the SEO department within the organization is divided into three parts:

  • Inhouse SEO
  • Marketing department for linkbuilding, PR, blog content etc
  • IT Team for the technical stuff

Google Indexing

Landing Pages & Sitemaps

At present, the site has about 1 million pages in its own landing page index. That is why they are first checked for duplicate content before submitted to google via the sitemap. Furthermore, they use tools such as google analytics and google webmaster tool to avoid duplicate content. Often the Rel=Canonical tag is the helper as well.

Site Speed

Site speed is really important for the site as it increases the crawl rate and thereby also the freshness. By reducing the use of javascript and css, the user experience has improved and the organization have seen that this has lead to better ranking.


  • Manual
  • Organic
  • Big Scale

Note: This slide was really good – you should ask the guys from for this slide until I get the link to it here.


Through panda, they reduced the number of the sites in the sitemap by nearly 50% – as a result they were not hurt by panda. Actually, panda helped them grow their traffic

Measuring & Reporting

A rather large 70 page monthly report is created in which everything is monitored. This includes reports from tools such as: GWT & GA (main ones), OVI, SEOmoz, Majestic, Linkresearchtool.

The ROI on the SEO efforts

Over the last year, traffic went from 150k to 330k visitors. 40-60k of this increase is explained through ‘natural increase’ due to the job market situation. If they had to go out and buy this traffic via PPC (at 0.17EUR CPC), the costs would have been 20k-23k Euros. Via SEO, they have spent 12k-14k. So the savings are good and makes perfect sense for the organization.

According to Klaus Hofbauer, the key to success here is the fact that everyone in the company is involved in SEO. Everyone understand the way they can contribute and they understand the impact.