Understand your visitors in order to convert them into customers

What is Website Analytics?

Image a normal retail store. Every day people walk in and out – some purchase goods or services in the store; others don’t. Imagine you are able to find out the following about the people who visited the store:

  • where they are from geographically
  • who told them about the store
  • how long exactly they spent in the store
  • what they looked at in the store before choosing what to buy
  • why they left without buying (if this is the case)
  • how often the same person returns to the store

Now imagine your website. It is possible to collect this information by setting up google analytics in the right way. The entire customer behavior is recorded and can be analyzed in detailed reports. There is no need to redesign your website or anything similar. Google analytics runs in the background and is not visible to the website visitor.

How does Website Analytics benefit my business?

By working with us to better understand the behavior of your website visitors, we can find out exactly what your business’ website needs in order to convert them into customers. We believe that basing decisions on facts rather than assumptions (or what an individual thinks) is key to online success. With the knowledge gained from website analytics, we build an online strategy together.

How does a Website Analytics implementation work?

  1. An online marketing expert will install the website analytics tool on your website. This tools collects information in the background and is not visible to your visitors. There is no change at all in how the site looks and feels to the visitor.
  2. We let the tool collect data (usually for 1-3 months)
  3. We create a report and improvement suggestions that we share with you

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