About Us

Our aim is to help our clients make online marketing decisions based on facts rather than assumptions. This may sound pretty ‘strange’, but it is essentially what online marketing boils down to. The fact that pretty much everything in the online world is electronic makes it trackable and measurable.

A Marketing Investment You Can Measure Your Return On

Even if you are not selling your products and services directly via online transactions, you are still able to measure the ROI on your online marketing investments. Here are a few examples:

  • Online sale leads: (‘Average Value Of Sale From Online Sale Leads’ * ‘Conversions’) / ‘Online Marketing Sale Lead Investment’
  • Recruitment via own site: (‘Average Saving Of Bypassing Recruitment Company’ * ‘Conversions’) / ‘Online Marketing Recruitment Investment’
  • The list goes on and on…

What This Means If We Do Business Together?

We are comfortable to talk about collaborations where you do not pay for the service up-front, but share the profits / savings generated from our efforts.

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